Clocks go forward an hour

posted 25/03/2014 - Redacció -

The clocks go forward an hour, from 2 am to 3 am, on 30 March, so make sure you change your clock and watch times. The daylight-savings time change is a measure adopted by some eighty countries worldwide to reduce energy consumption.

We'll have an hour less sleep on 30 March, thanks to an official time change requiring us to put our clocks forward one hour, from 2 am to 3 am.

The change comes from a measure adopted by some eighty countries worldwide during the spring to reduce energy consumption.

A European directive was approved in 2001 to unify the time-change criteria in all European Union member states, establishing time changes on the last Sundays of March (forward) and October (backward).

According to estimates from the Public Enterprise Authority at Spain's Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, the domestic sector's electricity savings from the time change during the months it is in force (from end of March to end of October) come to 5%.

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