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The key factor in achieving a suitable temperature level is the home?s thermal insulation and its accessories to balance the temperature. Correct insulation allows a reduction in the use of heating in the winter and of cooling in the summer. If possible, install double windows or double glazing in windows. In this way you will save about 25% on energy and you will also be protecting yourself against noise. Bear in mind that 40% of heat loss takes place through windows and glazing. It is best for wooden fittings to have a thermal break. Use window blinds and curtains: letting in as much sunlight as possible in the winter helps to save on heating, and preventing sunlight from entering in the summer helps to save a lot on cooling. If you can choose, outdoor sun-shading systems help to save more energy than indoor ones. If you are building or refurbishing a house or apartment, don?t skimp on insulation in any of the closures. Insulation provides energy savings on heating and cooling and makes a home more comfortable. If air draughts are detected around doors or windows, you can reduce their impact by such simple inexpensive methods as filling any open spaces with silicone or putty.

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