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Use window blinds and curtains to save on air conditioning by preventing sunlight from entering in the summer. If you don?t have blinds or curtains, it is a good idea to install them or some other sun protection system. If you can choose, outdoor sun-shading systems are more effective than indoor ones. It is healthy to ventilate all rooms. Ventilating for 10 minutes is enough. The right time for ventilating depends on the temperature outdoors: in the summer it is recommendable to ventilate early in the morning or at night, when the temperature outside is the coolest. In any case, you should turn off the air conditioning when ventilating. A fan, preferably installed on the ceiling, may be sufficient to keep a room comfortable and consumes less energy than an air conditioning system. When purchasing an air conditioning system, choose one that is appropriate to your needs and to the areas that you wish to cool. It is not necessary to cool off large homes completely but rather only the rooms where you spend the most time. Air conditioning units should be installed in places where the sun strikes them very little and where the air can flow freely. If you have an air conditioning system, set the thermostat at 25 ºC. For each additional degree to which you lower the setting, 8% more energy will be consumed. When the air conditioning is set to a temperature under 25 ºC, the home is not cooled any more quickly and energy is wasted. It is recommendable to have your air conditioning system inspected annually for maintenance: this will help to prevent allergies, improve safety and assure the good operation of the equipment. Whenever you leave home, it is a good idea to turn off the air conditioning system or fans.

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