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Thanks to the energy labelling of electric appliances, nowadays it is much easier to form an idea of their approximate energy efficiency. The following electric appliances now have an established energy labelling system: - Refrigerators and freezers - Washing machines - Dishwashers - Tumble dryers - Washing machine-dryers - Electric ovens - Air conditioners The energy label states the energy consumption (kWh) under standard conditions per year or per cycle, their noise level under operation and, in the case of washing machines and dishwashers, their energy savings and their efficiency in washing and drying. There are seven efficiency levels, which are identified by a code of colours and letters, ranging from green and the letter A for the most efficient units, to red and the letter G for the least efficient ones. In fact, this scale is growing on the side of efficiency because electric appliances are now available that are classified with the letters A+, A++ and A+++, pushing out the lower classifications.

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