Barcelona believes the electrical vehicle to reduce the pollution

posted 01/09/2011

During the presentation to the city for a new 100% electric car the Mayor of Barcelona, ??Xavier Trias, said the clear commitment to electric vehicles and has championed as a solution to pollution problems in the city.

Video 'electric vehicle'

Having become the first city in Spain with an electric charging point quickly, Barcelona hosted the presentation of a 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions into the atmosphere.

The Mayor of Barcelona, ??Xavier Trias, and the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, have tested this new model, Nissan LEAF, a walk to the Forum.

During the presentation, Trias underlined the clear commitment of the city by electric vehicles and has championed as a solution to pollution problems in the city.

"The future is to work differently than cars that are electric and we allow a system to decrease air pollution," said Trias.
In this sense, the mayor has a very clear example: "We need at all to the carriage of goods is done with electric vehicles, we believe that this is the right way."

The electric van in Barcelona

Indeed, the Nissan factory in Barcelona is a candidate to make a model of electric van, which is part of the new range of electric vehicles of the multinational.

Thus, the President of the Government has sought to highlight the potential of the Catalan industry and is confident that "someday a factory in our country will also make this commitment to making electric cars."

The new Nissan LEAF, which can reach 150 kilometers per hour, is manufactured in England and costs about 29,000 euros. However, it also spends less, is less than two euros per hundred kilometers.

The introduction of electric vehicles has also attended by the Minister of Enterprise and Employment, Francisco Javier Mena, the Deputy Mayor for Urban Habitat, Antonio Vives, the Councillor for Mobility, Edward Freixedes and Councillor for the Environment, John Puigdollers.

Barcelona is a pioneer in Spain throughout the deployment of charging points for electric vehicles: has 242, where the new Nissan cars would need twenty minutes to complete the recharge. It is expected to reach 275 points at the end of the year.

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