How I can register

To register with the RSS you will have to have an RSS reader or add-on. RSS readers can be webpages, IT programs or browsers.

Examples of some RSS readers and add-ons:

Firefox. This browser enables RSS registration through bookmarks and favourites.
Bloglines, MyYahoo or GoogleReader. You only need to register with these services and add registrations. That way, you can access your RSS from any computer or mobile device capable of connecting to the Internet.
FeedReader. You need to download the program to a computer or mobile device, install it and register with the RSS (Add feed or registration). You will only be able to consult the registrations made on a computer.

On the Wikipedia page you will find an explanation and fuller list of RSS add-ons and readers.

A step-by-step registration:

  1. Copy the address or URL which appears at the top of the browser. You can go into the RSS link and click on your mouse to open the alternative menu and choose "Copy link route "

  2. Enter your add-on or reader. Introduce the URL which you copied in the "add feed or registrations" section of your reader. When you save, check that the RSS is on the registration list.

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