Trees and palm trees of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities of the Mediterranean basin with the most street or roadside trees (there are currently over 155,000 trees). These are a vital part of the city's green heritage with major environmental and social benefits for the area, such as the way in which they regulate solar radiation, reduce temperature and suspended particulates or act as a sound filter in public spaces. Not to mention their scenic value and their value as a biodiversity booster in the urban environment.

In the 19th century, palm trees became one of the most representative plants of the parks and gardens, towns and streets in the holiday localities as well as of the winter gardens in the main European capitals. Barcelona is one of the cities where palm trees are an important part of the vegetation. Ciutat Vella and Sant Martí in particular, both districts which have a share of the seafront, are the districts with higher numbers of palm trees. The beaches are of course, without a doubt, a major habitat for these species which are so exotic and yet, at the same time so common in Barcelona


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