Barcelona Energy Improvement Plan (PMEB)

The Barcelona Energy Improvement Plan (PMEB) forms the general framework for the work of the Barcelona City Council in matters of energy policy and its environmental impact on the city.

Within this context, the Energy Plan includes an energy-related and environmental diagnosis of the present-day Barcelona and its future trends (to the year 2010), which allows prediction of the increase of the city's energy consumption and its repercussions according to different scenarios.

As a result of this analysis, the PMEB establishes a set of local action measures addressed to the achievement of a more sustainable city model, while reducing the environmental impact through energy savings, an increase in the use of renewable energies, and energy efficiency.

The PMEB comprises a total of 55 projects, assessed from the energy-related, environmental and economic standpoints. These projects envisage various levels of action, ranging from regulations, financial aids for facilities, and training and education programmes, to the creation of the Barcelona Energy Agency Consortium as an instrument for the management of the PMEB itself.

Lastly, the Plan also includes a section on the assessment of the projects and their impact on the city's forecasted energy-related and environmental development.

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