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Barcelona Nord bus station reduces energy consumption by 40%

The station has been installed with a geothermal energy system that will generate annual savings of 70,000 euros.

International Rose Competition: from the 9th to the 11th of May

From the 9th to the 11th of May the Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona's City Council), through the city's Àrea de Medi Ambient i Serveis Urbans (Environmental and Urban Services Section), is organizing the 14th edition of the International New Roses of Barcelona Competition in the Cervantes Rose Garden.

World Water Day

The Beach Centre and Fàbrica del Sol have organised workshops and walks to highlight the importance of this natural resource.

Video 'We investigate the water of the beach'

Spring is here!

The municipal parks and gardens as well as household plants are all taking on new life and coming into flower with the arrival of Spring. Now is the moment to prune dead leaves and branches, sow seeds and begin watering on a more regular basis.

Video 'the spring Starts'

Registration is open for the International "Barcelona Rose Convention"

An international event on roses and their use in public and private areas around the world, taking place in the Palau de Pedralbes from 11 to 14 May, will be joined by renowned experts from the sector. The registration period closes on 24 April 2014.

Barcelona, City of Roses

Courses of Gardening and Landscape Gardening for amateurs, technicians and professionals (2012-2013)

Consult the formative offer of the Labyrinth Training Facility (Centre de Formació del Laberint) for course 2012-2013.

El Turó Park i el Parc de la Barceloneta acullen aquest hivern tallers de jardineria i ornamentació

El Turó Park i el Parc de la Barceloneta acullen aquest hivern tallers de jardineria i ornamentació

Els jardins del Turó Park (11-12 novembre) i el Parc de la Barceloneta (2-9 desembre) acullen els tallers de jardineria i ornamentació floral "Fés de casa teva un Jardí", amb l'objectiu de facilitar la descoberta de la jardineria a l'hivern. Inscripcions limitades.

Turn your house into a garden 2011-12

The City Council of Barcelona, in collaboration with the Catalan Confederation of Ornamental Gardening (CHOC in Catalan) brings to you a new edition of workshops on gardening and ornamentation in the parks and gardens of the city.

Learning material "Fés de casa teva un jardí"

Check the material produced on the occasion of gardening workshops "Fés e casa teva un jardí" held in a dozen parks in the city.

Technical courses restricted to the Labyrinth Education Centre

See the programme of the technical courses.

11º International Competition of Roses Noves of Barcelona

El 6, 7 and 8 May, in the Roserar of the Park of Cervantes

Barcelona awarded the highest score in the European Environmental Capital 2012 – 2013 deliberations

Barcelona has obtained the best technical appraisal in the final deliberations for honouring the European Environmental Capital for 2012 and 2013, with a score of 168.3 out of 200, ahead of the other finalist cities, but in the end the candidates Vitòria and Nantes won out.

We interview the experts in Climate Change

Within the framework of the 2nd Barcelona Agenda 21 Signatories Convention 2010-2011, the Department of the Environment interviews the climate change experts: Josep Canadell and Steffan Esser.

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