Styphnolobium japonicum - Pagoda tree

No. of specimens: 10.579

Genus: Styphnolobium
Species: japonicum
Family: Leguminosae-Fabaceae
Origin: China
Common name: pagoda tree, Chinese scholar tree

Description: This is a deciduous tree with a rounded crown that grows to a height of between 12 and 25 m and a crown width of 8 to 20 m. Its fissured bark is a greyish-brown colour while its branches are smooth and green. Its pinnately compound leaves, which are 15 to 25 cm long with leaflets of 2.5 to 6 cm in length, are a glossy dark green above and a whitish-green below, turning a beautiful yellow colour in the autumn. It blossoms between the months of July and August, with creamy white flowers that are 1 to 2 cm long, grouped in inflorescences forming panicles of 15 to 25 cm in length. Its fruits are cylindrical green legumes that are 5 to 8 cm long, turning a light brown on maturing in the autumn and remaining on the tree until the winter. Until recently this species was known by the botanical name of Sophora japonica. In addition to the type species, several cultivars are grown: Columnare (41 specimens), with an ovoid or broadly columnar crown, a height of 12 m and a spread of 4 to 6 m; Pendulum, or weeping pagoda tree, with pendulous branchlets, and Dot (Dotianum), or Dot's pagoda tree, with twisted and slightly pendulous branchlets and curly leaves, which is one of the few cultivars originally bred in Catalonia to be found in nurseries in the rest of Europe. This cultivar was obtained in Sant Feliu de Llobregat in 1920 by the nurseryman and gardener Simó Dot i Canalias, the father of the rose breeder Pere Dot i Martínez.

Some places to see it: Carrer Vesuvi, Carrer Saldes, Carrer Estany, Carrer Sant Fructuós (type species); Carrer Renaixença, Plaça Maragall (Columnare cultivar)

Scientific name: Styphnolobium japonicum PH tolerated: 5 - 8,5
Common name: Pagoda tree Wind resistance: Medium
Salinity resistance: Medium Pollution resistance: High
Kind: Leafy Pruning season: Winter
Foliage: Deciduous Leaf's shape: Composed
Port: Irregular Leaf size: Large
Height: > 15 Leaf shape: Pinnate
Width: > 6 Leaf color: Dark green glossy
Longevity: Long - 101 to 200 years Flower color: White cream
Drought tolerance: Medium Floration season: Summer
Water needs: Medium Fructification color: Light brown
Low temperatures tolerance: High Fruiting season: Autumn
Ground's perfect texture: Sandy, loam, clay Bark color: Grayish brown
Ground kind: All types of soil Trunk shape: Straight with crotch
Shade: No Season variability: Yes
Sun: Yes Apparent floration: Yes
Semishade: Yes Road surface affectation: Moderate

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