New media campaign "So clean is who cleans as the one that it doesn't dirty"

From the City Council, we've launched a media campaign with the slogan "So clean is who cleans as the one that it doesn't dirty" to raise public awareness about the importance of collaborating on keeping the city clean. Because, even the cleaning of public areas and the collection of waste is a municipal responsibility, citizens may contribute to it.
The city has carried out several modifications of its services to improve the cleaning service:

  • Increase the cleanliness with water in crowded areas and the frequency of review teams around the containers and abandoned utensils.
  • Implementation of double bins in crowded and emblematic areas.
  • To collect commercial cardboard at night instead o during the day.
  • Redefine the work processes in deciduous leaves areas.

Moreover, a media campaign has been produced to seek public involved:

  • Properly use of the containers, without leaving rubbish bags or junk out.
  • Throw the furniture away the right day according to the area.
  • Using of complementary services such as Green Points, graffiti cleaning, etc.
  • Appropriate use of available items: bins, ashtrays, pip cans.

Because cleaning and keeping the city clean is a matter of everybody.

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