The Laberint Training Facility

This is the facility of the Environment Division specializing in gardening and landscape design. It started its activity in 1993 in the refurbished part of the palace in the Laberint d'Horta gardens, to host and give continuity to the training of gardening amateurs and also offering ongoing training for professionals and technicians.

The Laberint Training Facility, offering gardening and landscape design services

In order to satisfy the training needs of the different sectors, professionals, technicians and amateurs, the Laberint Training Facility has made available a range of programmes and methodologies adapted to each type of assistants which include technical and environmental advances.

For amateurs, this facility offers a wide range of course on different topics, with varying durations and formats, so as to satisfy the expectations of anyone wishing to start learning or improve their theory and practical knowledge on gardening, gardens and landscapes based on sustainability criteria.

To improve the knowledge and skills of managers, technicians and professionals working in the green areas and landscape design in urban environments, the facility organizes specialized monographic courses of various levels, colloquiums and technical sessions.

The facilities; the library specializing in gardening, gardens and landscapes; the Laberint d'Horta gardens; the greenhouses, machinery and available materials available all contribute to offering a high quality theory and practical training.

The participation of renowned professionals working in the City Council and associations of professionals working in this field and in the entrepreneurial sector, of specialists from universities and research centres bring in the added value of their experience and the latest technical advances in each of their fields of specialization for the students of these courses.

Activities offered
a) Courses for amateurs

The courses for amateurs we offer include courses with a long duration and monographic courses. Those with a long duration, such as initiation, the basic gardening course and the basic practical course offer participants the opportunity to acquire a solid theory and practical base of knowledge necessary to progress onto more specialized training with expansion courses, the higher level, the advanced practical courses and the design course.

The variety of monographic courses of different levels can be useful both to learn about basic maintenance tasks for indoor and outdoor aromatic plants, and to reinforce specific knowledge on certain subjects for those persons who have acquired the basic knowledge through the courses with a long duration.

b) Courses for technicians and professionals

The Laberint Training Facility offers a line of specialized training for professionals working in the area of gardens and also for technicians and people with a university degree in gardening, agricultural engineering, architecture, biology and other similar areas of knowledge with specialized courses, colloquiums and debate sessions.

c) Other activities

The Environment Division organizes gardening workshops on the first Sunday of every month and guided tours of the city parks for the general public. For further information please check the programme "Fes de casa teva un jardí" and the programme of activities of "La Fàbrica del Sol".

Additional information:

Pre-enrollment: you should communicate your reservation of a place by phone, email or personally going to the Laberint Training Facility, as of September 1 st.

Enrolment: by paying the first monthly fee for courses with a long duration, and 50% of the fee for monographic courses into the account number 2100-0644-57-0200175152 of "La Caixa" or at the facility's secretariat.

The enrolment form shall contain the name of the person enrolling for a course, and the code for the course, which is included beside the name of each course.

Should the course be cancelled for any reason, the facility shall return the amounts paid. The facility may cancel a course if there are not enough people enrolled in it.

For special prices and discounts please check with the facility's secretariat. You will be asked for a photograph, except for monographic courses.

If you wish to receive periodic information on our courses and activities please submit the following information (name, address, telephone number and email address) to the facility's email or postal address.

Information and enrolment:

Centre de Formació del Laberint
C/ Germans Desvalls, s/n. Parc del Laberint d'Horta
08035 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 256 56 01
Fax +34 93 428 61 98
How to get there:
Ronda de Dalt exit 4
Metro: L3, Mundet Station

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