Albizia procera - Tall albizia

No. of specimens: 3

Genus: Albizia
Species: procera
Family: Leguminosae-Mimosaceae
Origin: southern Asia from India to southern China, Indonesia, Philippines and northern Australia.
Common name: tall albizia

Description: This is a deciduous tree with a very irregular ovoid crown. It reaches a height of 10 to 20 m and a crown width of between 5 and 10 m. Its trunk may be straight or twisted, and its smooth bark is of a pale grey-green, yellowish-green or brown colour. Its bipinnately compound leaves measure between 15 and 20 cm in length, while its leaflets, of 2 to 4.5 cm, are a medium green both above and below. This tree blooms between June and August. Its flowers measure 6 to 7 mm and are of a cream colour, appearing in groups of two or three to form globose glomerules of 2 to 2.5 cm in diameter, which are grouped in turn in panicles of 8 to 25 cm in length. Its fruits are flattened reddish-brown legumes of 10 to 25 cm in length, which mature in the autumn and dry out, remaining on the tree until winter. In its area of origin, this tree is deciduous during the dry season but here its leaves do not fall until well into winter.

Some places to see it: Plaça Molina

Scientific name: Albizia procera PH tolerated:
Common name: Tall albizia Wind resistance: Low
Salinity resistance: Medium Pollution resistance: Medium
Kind: Leafy Pruning season: Winter
Foliage: Deciduous Leaf's shape: Composed
Port: Ovoid Leaf size: Large
Height: > 15 Leaf shape: Bipinnate
Width: > 6 Leaf color: Medium green
Longevity: Medium - 26 to 100 years Flower color: White cream
Drought tolerance: Medium Floration season: Summer
Water needs: High Fructification color: Reddish brown
Low temperatures tolerance: Low Fruiting season: Autumn
Ground's perfect texture: Sandy, loam, clay Bark color: Grayish green
Ground kind: Acidic, neutral Trunk shape: Irregular
Shade: No Season variability: No
Sun: Yes Apparent floration: Yes
Semishade: Yes Road surface affectation: Moderate

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