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Barcelona is now Spain's sole candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics
published on 2011-11-07 00:00:00.0 at 20:40 h. Redacció
The scrapping of the Zaragoza-Pyrenees 2022 bid leaves Barcelona as the sole candidate before the Spanish Olympic Committee for organising the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The Fourth Deputy Mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sport, Maite Fandos, described the scrapping of the Zaragoza-Pyrenees 2022 bid as news "we were maybe expecting, though it will not change our plans to keep working on our own bid, calmly, to draw up the best technical plan."

Fandos insisted that Barcelona never regarded Zaragoza as "a rival, but rather the opposite. Both of us championed the Pyrenees brand in our projects and that's why I believe Aragon will also benefit if Barcelona goes ahead with this bid, because it will have a positive effect on the whole Pyrenees".

The Deputy Mayor also remarked that the news of Zaragoza's withdrawal would take "the pressure off us now that there is only one bid before the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) though, above all, because we can continue working in detail on our technical project".

"We are now working calmly on all these aspects", said Fandos, "and we want to do it rigously as we have the time".

She accordingly reminded her audience that "the most important thing is to produce a viable project in every aspect and, when the time comes, we will present it to the public and then the COE".

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