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What are the main aspects of Policy for open access to municipal documents?

The policy features in the Mayoral Decree of 23 March 2015 (BOPB 29-04-2015) and applies to all municipally authored documents, prepared by Barcelona City Council’s departments and approved for public scrutiny as from 1 October 2015. The policy divides up the documents into those for sale and those not for sale.

Municipal bodies in charge of preparing documents, non-commercial (not for sale), have to deposit a digital version to the BCNROC, immediately after their publication with their metadata, and grant each document the broadest Creative Commons licence possible which, depending on the type of information, will be CC0, CC-PD, CC-BY, to name but a few.

For commercial documents (for sale), lpolicies distinguish between publications funded entirely from municipal budgets for which the body responsible for the publication must deposit an e-copy of the published version and its metadata with the BCNROC, under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence or an even broader licence; and publications in collaboration with external publishers, which may be subject to an embargo, following which the CC-BY-NC-ND licence will be adopted.

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