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  • Man Leaning against a Wall, a drawing that Picasso made in March 1899, when he was attending life classes at the Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, provides Fèlix Fanés with the starting point for a consideration of whether this work is or is not a collage

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  • The second title in the Focus collection is devoted to the exhibition of works by Picasso organized by ADLAN, which opened in January 1936 in the Sala Esteva gallery in Barcelona and later travelled to Bilbao and Madrid. The Museu Picasso's Centre for Knowledge and Research has carried out an exhaustive in-depth study of the documentary fonds, acquired by the museum in late 2009 and early 2010, to allow readers to understand in detail the process of organizing the exhibition, the various individuals that were actively involved, the selection of works the show introduced to the Spanish public and the range of critical reaction it provoked. Like the exhibition Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition, the book places the focus firmly on the narrative force of the documents.

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  • The second title in the Abstract collection is devoted to the exhibition 'Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907', and boasts a brilliant introduction by Marilyn McCully, the curator, and a selection of thirty or so of the outstanding works in the show. The different sections combine to recreate Picasso's life in Paris and the impressions and influences he absorbed there, from his first setting foot in the city to his becoming the undisputed leader of the avant-garde and the man who was to transform the art of the twentieth century.

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  • This is the first issue of a new collection being published by the Museu Picasso on the occasion of the exhibition Picasso Looks at Degas. Under the generic name of Abstract, and with an approach similar to that of what are known in France as "petits journals", the Museum aims to give the public an outline of the contents of its temporary exhibitions. To this end we have selected some of the best works, grouped them into thematic areas, and provided them with short explanatory texts and quote passages from the exhibition catalogue.

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  • The Museu Picasso is once again launching a new collection, in the form of a series of booklets that will accompany the museum's small-format exhibitions and offer an in-depth analysis of an individual artwork or group of artworks or a part of its documentary archives 's career as a whole and places it in the context of the type of subject that was winning prizes in official art competitions at the time, while the other reveals the secrets of the technical process of painting the picture, which technological advances have recently brought to light.

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