Roundtable: «Engraving as a family legacy»

Rountable around the exhibition «The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier» (7.00pm) with the participation of Marta-Volga de Minteguiaga-Guezala, Claustre Rafart, moderated by Emmanuel Guigon; and projection (8.00pm) of the documentary La línia ininterrompuda, (The uninterrupted line) directed by Numa Vilató.

In this conversation between Marta-Volga de Minteguiaga-Guezala (curator of the exhibition) and Claustre Rafart (conservator of the graphic work of the Museu Picasso), moderated by Emmanuel Guigon (director of the Museu Picasso), the relation will be explored of the various artists of the family with their engravings, and the role of this technique in their artistic trajectories.

Immediately afterwards, the documentary La línia ininterrompuda (The uninterrupted line) will be projected that explains the history of engraving through various generations of artists from the Picasso family (Picasso, Fín, Vilató and Xavier) and the printers that crossed their paths.This is a sincere work, which comes from the intimate knowledge acquired by the last generation of the Picasso family, represented by Numa Vilató, its director.


Thursday, October 26th 2017, 7.00pm

Lecture hall

Admission free of charge, limited capacity

Access: plaça Sabartés, 1

Exhibition «The shared studio. Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier»