Restoration of the work "Science and Charity"

If you visit the Museum these days, in the exhibition room itself and in front of the public, the restoration is being carried out of the painting Science and Charity, which this year is celebrating its 120th anniversary.  The aim of this task is to fix the paint in the places where it is coming off the canvas and to remove the added retouching work done in the nineteen seventies. Take the opportunity of taking a close look at the detailed work of the restorers.

Space: Room 3 of the collection

Foreseen calendar
.Cleaning phase of the painting in Room 3: until 24th December 2017
.Fixing process in the workshop: from 8th January to 13th February 2018
.Return of the work to the room and retouching the colour: from 14th February to 27th May 2018
.Completion of the restoration: from 28th to 31st May 2018

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