Visit-family workshop on the exhibition «Picasso's Kitchen».

How can you explore the relation between gastronomy and art?  Between the social fact of eating and the rituals they include? How is pleasure linked to aesthetics?  And is art so necessary for the human spirit as it is to feed the body?  To examine these and other unknowns from a contemporary perspective, we have asked various collectives to propose a series of activities that address this question from very different angles.

The actions will take place on the Wednesdays in July, at 7.00pm

04/07/18 Futurae Radices: a case study, given by Gulalab

A talk about the neo-gastro-art movement Futurae Radices: its confusing origin, its controversial manifesto and the analysis of the most hepatic works of the most prominent members.

Gulalab is a multidisciplinary project where art, science and gastronomy converge. From this space we analyze and experience the close relationship between gastronomy and other subjects such as sound art, artificial intelligence, architecture or poetry.

Lecture hall. Plaça Sabartés 1


Activity free of charge. Limited capacity

11/07/18 Agape Insípido (Tasteless Agape) by Vera García

A perfo-tasting experience that proposes a trip from the insipid to the savoury through the senses, in which the guests become protagonists.

This project, which brings together professionals from different disciplines, originates from the "insipid" notion developed by the French sinologist and philosopher François Jullien.

In Chinese culture, insipid is something that possesses value and through art becomes an experience: it is unidentified, which has to do with disaffection and contemplative states, a state in which everything is possible and everything is in power.

Concept and host: Vera Livia García

Design of the tasting: Oriol Castro (Head chef of elBulli, head chef of Disfrutar).

Sound ambience: Alessandro Olla

Collaboration in the research: Jèssica Jaques Pi

Duration: 40 minutes

Lecture hall. Plaça Sabartés 1


Activity free of charge. Limited capacity

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18/07/18 Culinary Visual Poetry, by David Ymbernon

At a very young age, Ymbernon got intoxicated by drinking a potion that he had carefully prepared: in a glass. He put oil, toothpaste, vinegar, salt, paint and cooking stock. It was an indication of what was to happen, a few years later, with the action Culinary Visual Poetry (National Prize of Artistic Actions 1999, Vespella de Gaià). This consists of cooking a dish in which, in the foods used, there is no relation between the container and the contents.

Lecture hall

7.00pm. Plaça Sabartés 1

Activity free of charge. Limited capacity