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  • Title: Pablo Picasso. The Ludwig Collection Authors: Maria Teresa Ocaña, Evelyn Weiss Publication year: 1992 Pages: 300 Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona. Museu Picasso / Electa ISBN: 84-88045-47-6, 84-88045-55-7 (Spanish); 84-88045-48-4, 84-88045-56-5 (Catalan); 3-7913-1235-09 (German), 3-7913-1250-2 (English) Price: 6 euros / Catalan, Spanish, English OUT OF PRINT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/pablo-picasso-col%C2%B7lecci%C3%B3-ludwig
  • This is the third and final volume of the catalogue series published on occasion of the small-scale exhibitions that the Museu Picasso has organized to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary. It is dedicated to the seventy-nine exhibitions that it has put on throughout its history: given the impossibility of describing them individually, the author, Montse Torres, offers us a good synthesis of the spirit and the main guidelines that inspired them.
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/museu-picasso-50-anys-barcelona-les-exposicions
  • Title: Picasso eròtic Author: Rosa M. Subirana Publication year: 1979 Pages: 44 Languages: Catalan, Spanish Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona. Museu Picasso OUT OF PRINT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-er%C3%B2tic-0
  • Authors: Maria Teresa Ocaña, Valeriano Muzzle , Brigitte Leal Susan Grace Galassi , Rosa Vives, Year: 1999 , Pages : 295 , languages ​​: Catalan , Spanish, English , Publisher: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona. Museu Picasso, ISBN: 84-8156-240-8 , OUT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-paisatge-interior-i-exterior
  • Title: Picasso 1881-1973. Exposició Antològica Authors: Ana Beristain, Rosa M. Subirana, José Milicua, Alicia Suárez, Álvaro Martínez-Novillo, M. Teresa Llorens Publication year: 1981 Pages: 443 Languages: Spanish, Catalan Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona / Ministerio de Cultura ISBN: 84-7483-206-3 OUT OF PRINT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-1881-1973-exposici%C3%B3-antol%C3%B2gica
  • Year : 1981 Pages: 443 Languages ​​: Spanish - Catalan Editor : City of Barcelona ISBN: 84-7483-206-3 SOLD
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-i-barcelona
  • Title: Retrat de Picasso Author: Roberto Otero Publication year: 1982 Pages: 92 Languages: Spanish, Catalan Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona. Museu Picasso Price: 2 euros
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/retrato-de-picasso
  • Title: Picasso. 117 Gravats. 1919-1968 Publication year: 1983 Pages: 23 Language: Catalan Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona. Museu Picasso 1,50 euros
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-117-gravats-1919-1968
  • Title: Picasso. Els cent cinquanta-sis llibres il·lustrats Author: Patrick Cramer Publication year: 1984 Pages: 16 Language: Catalan OUT OF PRINT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/picasso-els-cent-cinquanta-sis-llibres-il%C2%B7lustrats
  • Title: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Authors: Maria teresa Ocaña, Hélène Seckel, Brigitte Léal, Charles de Couëssin, Thierry Borel, Leo Steinberg, William Rubin, Pierre Daix, Judith Coussins Publication year: 1988 Pages: 721 Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French Publisher: Ajuntament de Barcelona. Museu Picasso / Polígrafa ISBN: 2-7118-2176-5 (Catalan ed.), 84-343-0525-9 (Spanish ed.), 2-7118-2177-3 (French) OUT OF PRINT
    Camí: /museupicasso/en/les-demoiselles-davignon