Active- Archive workday

On the 4th and 5th of December the Museu Picasso hosted the conference Active Archive: engaging with the archive of artistic and heritage practices by way of their tools, organized by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

In keeping with its commitment to promoting reflection on memory and its recording, the Fundació Tàpies invited Active Archive, a platform set up by the Constant organization, to air, share, discuss and reflect on the techniques and the tools that are used to treat, organize and disseminate information. Professionals archivists from the realms of art, culture and heritage-Jorge Blasco, Pilar Blesa, Mariona Bruzzo, Sílvia Domènech, Miren Eraso, Nicolas Malevé, Michael Murtaugh, Laurence Rassel and Femke Snelting-presented and discussed the tools they use, the problems they face and the different solutions they have come up with.

The working sessions were configured as an open debate in which the participants reflected on such issues as the possibilities of freeware for the organization of information, the idea of incorporating into the archive the trace left by its consultation, the intention of intervening in the relations relationships between the different objects and forms that make up the Archive or the aim of bringing the people who organize and file an organization's information into closer contact with the user.

The project has grown out of an idea about continuity, as a way of establishing relationships between the different agents that work with and think about archives of all kinds, and especially art archives. Each Active Archive conference sows the seed of the next one, which takes up the concerns of its predecessor. An essential part of this process is the experience of sharing and the forging of relations in an environment far removed from their habitual places of work, where people can look at what they do from a distance, seeing it in context and in the light of other perspectives.